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Healing Happens in Relationship

jenna berg


Dyad Counselling . Friends, Siblings, Couples

I feel so engaged and enlivened in my dyad work. Facing your loved one I will help you to notice the moments of hurt and lean in to provide effective care for one anohter. We will practice putting down judgment, assessment and analysis of eachother and begin a culture of care. Leaning into your gifts and strengths together and as individuals we will use those to move you closer and into more safety. I want to help you find one another again. We can find peace together.

1 Hour Session - $162.75 (tax incl.)

Individual Counselling

I feel a deep peace in me as individuals experience true acceptance and start to give that to themselves. I have a strange comfort with intensity, anger and sadness. I want to help you learn to be with you and feel at peace with that being. Building a safe relationship together we can then explore painful and beautiful experiences together that lead to transformation in your self and in your connections with community.

1 Hour Session - $152.25 (tax incl.)

Professional Consultation

I offer consultation to counsellors and social workers wanting to work towards more embodiement in themselves and their clients and who want to learn how to create and use relationship building in session to lead to attachment healing. 

1 Hour Session - $152.25 (tax incl.)

* Because of community crossover I do not work with polyamorous people who live in Lekwungen, W̱SÁNEĆ or T'Sou-ke Territory (Greater Victoria, BC)

What Will Happen?

When you enter my office I will ask you 'What are you noticing in your right now?" (feelings, sensations, images, thoughts, instincts). People I work with often exclaim how deep and present the therapy is from the get-go. What I want to hear about is what is real for you right now. You do not need to bring something from your past to work on. What is important will be present and we will lean in with care. Learning to ride the wave of emotion and feel the relief at the end while not being left alone is my goal for you.

My Education & Mentorship

Masters in Counselling Psychology . 2018

BA in Child and Youth Care . 2013

Registered with the CCPA . #10004045

Regular Consultation and Supervision from mentors and paid supervisors . For 15 Years

Trauma Training with Kimberley Johnson, Bessel Vanderkolk & Resmaa Manekem . 2020

Right Use of Power . 2021

AEDP Immersion . 2023


The Internal Family Systems Model of

Psychotherapy for Young Clients and their Caregivers . 2024

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

 - Carl Rogers


Jenna Berg Smiling

Hello there,


I am a caring, deeply feeling and present person. I practice from a relational place focusing on emotions and sesations (nervous system) and use new experiences to help heal the brain. My practice is heavily informed by the empirically validated Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy and Hakomi theory. Let us give voice to the silenced parts of you, to then experience the things you've always needed. Let's do this in connection with each other. Together we can undo your aloneness in the face of unbearable emotion. For this much money I better be more than the best listener you've ever met :)


I work well with people who have big feelings and welcome your anger, grief, and joy. I also feel so much joy helping people finally find access to their anger and joy in more unbridled ways for maybe the first time. I specialize in recovery from religious trauma and psychological abuse (in childhood and adulthood). I have experience working with third culture kids (in teen and adult form). I also realy enjoy my work with attachment healing between couples, friends, family members, or with individuals. I work with many neurodivergent folks and am very comfortable with direct statements of requests and needs. 


I am a white, ethnically Mennonite and an un-welcomed settler on the Lekwungen Territory and want to pay respect to the land and peoples here before me and continue to learn how to do so. I am a part of the queer and polyamorous communities (he & she pronouns). I live with my own mental health struggles and have experienced life changing growth in my own therapy and within my loving community and therapist.  I bring my true self into each session and I welcome yours. 

Weak Spots: I believe that just as important as fit based on personality and strengths it can be wise to try to plan for a good fit around our weak spots as well, including in therapy! I am consistently behind on emails and welcome reminders if you have the energy or to pass on me if you dont! I work with depression but it is not my forte when it is the most significant and central struggle in a person's life. I do not work with non-monogamous folks in the Victoria or South Island area.




Mon 1:45 -7:45

Tues-Thurs 10:00 - 5:00


207- 888 Fort St

Victoria, BC 
(Swengwhung Family Territory)
V8W 1H8


"Let us make the implicit explicit, the explicit experiential and the experiential relational." 

-Diana Foshe, creator of AEDP

Lets do something real, in the moment, together.



The Queer Care Collective

I am a founding member of the Queer Care Collective. The Queer Care Collective is a group of queer and trans healers in a shared safer, accessible, and welcoming practice space in the Lekwungen Family Territory (Victoria). 888 Fort Street 

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